• Eco Lodge
  • 4 Days
  • 2+ People

Adventures in the Amazon

Witness first-hand the wildlife of the Amazon as you hike through the heart of the tropical rainforest. Travel the waters of the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve and swim in the dazzling Laguna Grande. Visit with a local Kichwa community and learn about their worldview and ways of life. Listen to the nocturnal symphony of the frogs and insects and admire the many birds from the comfort of your lodge.

Indigenous Community

Spend the day with the Tarapuy community and learn about their worldview, ways of life and the role nature plays in their traditions. A unique and authentic experience!

Group Excursions with a Local Guide

Embark on land and water adventures with experienced, bilingual guides as they share their locally acquired knowledge of this biodiversity hotspot.

Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve

Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is the second largest protected area in Ecuador and home to all big amazon mammals and more than 530 bird species. A birder´s paradise!

Eco Jungle Lodge

Travel guilt-free and off the grid! This solar - powered eco lodge comes highly recommended for its sustainability and conservation efforts.

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4 day circuit
2 people
  • Airport shuttles
  • Shared nature guide
  • Abundant wildlife
  • 3 star accommodations included

Trip Itinerary

River explorations, night hikes, wildlife galore and more.

Day 1 Tababela – Lago Agrio
Set out for the jungle town of Lago Agrio. Just a 50 minute flight from Quito´s Mariscal International Airport! Then take a motorized canoe to your isolated jungle lodge.
Day 2 Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve
Dive into primary rainforest to discover medicinal plants of the region and jungle wildlife before a water excursion in search of crocodiles and the elusive pink river dolphins!
Day 3 Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve
Visit the Tarapuy community and participate in their tried and true traditions. At nightfall, return to the forest in search of nocturnal creatures!
Day 4 Lago Agrio – Tababela
Wake up early for some bird watching at the saladeros before you are shuttled back to Lago Agrio for your return flight to Quito

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