Roadtrip Andes to Amazon



  • Rental Car
  • 11 Days
  • 2+ People

Adventure on your own time

Experience the most famous market in Latin America and meet the artisans themselves in Otavalo. Walk through the hearts of colonial cities and UNESCO World Heritage Sites Quito and Cuenca. Get off the grid and enjoy the diverse flora and fauna on the edge of the Amazon rainforest. Commemorate your adventure with first-hand photographs of the impressive waterfalls and humbling volcanoes of the Andes. Zigzag through the highlands along the “Devil’s Nose” railroad and discover the mysterious archeological ruins of Ingapirca.

Indigenous Markets

Discover the well-preserved artisanal traditions of Imbabura as you walk about the legendary market of Otavalo.


We take the pain out of finding the best rental car so that you can travel through Ecuador at your own pace with recommendations from our seasoned agents.

Amazon Adventures

Explore the Amazon with the help of an experienced guide and choose from a range of excursions that will spark your adventurous side!

Colonial Cities

Travel through time as you walk through UNESCO World Heritage Sites Quito and Cuenca and their enchanting museums.

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11 day circuit
2 people
  • Rental car
  • Andean landscapes
  • Indigenous markets
  • Devil’s Nose Railroad
  • 3 star accommodations included
11 day circuit
4 people
  • Rental car
  • Andean landscapes
  • Indigenous markets
  • Devil’s Nose Railroad
  • 3 star accommodations included

Trip Itinerary

Indigenous markets, rainforest adventures, Incan ruins and more.

Day 1 Tababela – Otavalo
Pick up your rental car at Mariscal Sucre International Airport and head out for Otavalo where the adventure begins!
Day 2 Otavalo
Discover the colors of Imbabura at your own pace. Take stroll through the Otavalo market, catch the Liberty Train from Ibarra to Salinas, or walk about Lake Cuicocha in Cotacachi-Cayapas National Reserve!
Day 3 Otavalo – Quito
Set out for Quito! On the way, make a pit stop at the equator line and check out the Mitad del Mundo museum. By night, have a drink at one of the many pubs in Quito´s modern district the Mariscal!
Day 4 Quito
Explore the capital at your leisure or take us up on some tips for seeing the best stops. Travel through time in Quito´s many museums or get a better view of the capital from the base of mount Rucu Pichincha!
Day 5 Quito – Tena
Sit back and relax in the natural hot springs of Papallacta at over 13,400 ft before arriving at your lodge on the edge of the Amazon.
Day 6 Tena
Choose from a range of activities for an up close and personal Amazon adventure with a specialized guide.
Day 7 Tena—Riobamba
Stop along the “highway of waterfalls” to witness the powerful falls of Pailón del Diablo and the bustling town of Baños for some sweet treats before arriving in Riobamba.
Day 8 Riobamba – Cuenca
All aboard! Zigzag through Andean landscapes aboard the Devil´s Nose Train (closed Mondays) and explore Incan ruins before hitting the road for Ecuador´s most beautiful city.
Day 9 Cuenca
Delve into the heart of the colonial city of Cuenca and watch the production of the famous Panama hat as we set the record straight for this Ecuadorian tradition.
Day 10 Cuenca – Guayaquil
Take in the views as you make your way to Ecuador´s largest city via El Cajas National Park, home to 270 lakes!
Day 11 Guayaquil
Wrap up your Ecuadorian adventure with some local seafood on the Pacific Coast!

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Experience the most famous market in Latin America and meet the artisans themselves in Otavalo...




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Witness first-hand the wildlife of the Amazon as you hike through the heart of the tropical rainforest...

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