Ecuadorian Amazon



  • Eco Lodge
  • 5 Days
  • 2+ People

Adventures in Achuar Nation

Take witness to the impressive wildlife of the Ecuadorian Amazon and immerse yourself in the surrounding Achuar communities. Hike through primary rainforest, canoe through winding tributaries connecting this region of the Amazon and listen to the nocturnal symphony of insects and look out for colorful and exotic birds.

Achuar Territory

Explore Ecuador’s southeast Amazon region hosted by the Achuar people, a territory of more than 2,700 square miles!

Group Excursions with a Local Guide

Embark on land and water adventures with experienced, bilingual guides as they share their locally acquired knowledge of this biodiversity hotspot.


Choose your desired daily activities from a variety of possible excursions at the lodge. Perfect for exploring the Amazon at your own pace!

Unique Lodge

This jungle lodge comes with quality accommodations is globally recognized for excellence, assuring you an unforgettable stay!

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Pricing Chart

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5 day circuit
2 people
  • Private small plane for transfers
  • Local guide
  • Abundant wildlife
  • Primary rainforest
  • Superior lodging

Trip Itinerary

Explore the winding rivers connecting the Amazon rainforest with night hikes, exotic plant and wildlife and encounters with the local communities.

Day 1 Tababela – Kapawi Lodge
After your shuttle to the city of Shell, on the edge of the Amazon, board your private small plane and fly to Achuar Nation! Then embark on a short canoe ride to arrive at your lodge in the middle of the jungle.
Days 2, 3 and 4 Kapawi Lodge
Choose from a wide range of activities at the lodge: explore the rainforest, visit a neighboring Achuar community and participate in their ancestral traditions, paddle through the waters of the Amazon by kayak or take a stroll down one of the self-guided trails from the lodge.
Day 4 Kapawi Lodge – Quito
Set out early for one last adventure before returning to Shell for you shuttle back to Quito.

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