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Ecuador Emotions was founded in 2013 with the goal of offering unique and unforgettable experiences in Ecuador. We feel lucky to live here along the equator, and we love to share this privilege with our clients. At Ecuador Emotions, we aim to provide fulfilling experiences that have a lasting impact on our travelers.

Our Mission

Evoke positive “emotions” and experiences in our travelers, while providing professional, safe and trustworthy service and at the same time contributing to the betterment of our community.

Adventure Team

Get to know our Ecuador experts and travel professionals! We are all based in Quito which allows us to be near our guests as well as maintain a tight-knit, local team. Ecuador Emotions is comprised of top-of-the-line professionals well-versed in the world of tourism in Ecuador. Being of diverse nationalities and backgrounds, all members are effectively bilingual and skilled in the art of customer service. Together, we carry decades of travel experience under our belts and are passionate about ensuring a 100% satisfaction guarantee to our clientele. We are here to guide you at every step of your trip-planning process!


Professional economist and with a master’s degree in project management, Lourdes’ hard work has led her to achieve high-level positions in the National Department of Finance and Insurance. This experience gave her the opportunity to specialize in insurance in Switzerland where she fell in love with the mountains and lakes that reminded her of home in Ecuador. Lourdes has always been confident in Ecuador Emotions and its entrepreneurial vision. She is convinced of the potential that tourism has in Ecuador, and for that reason she is proud to be the first investor of a company whose outlook aligns so well with her own personal values.


Carlos recalls with much “emotion” the numerous summers he spent at his parents’ farm. Three months out of the year spent with his loved ones, surrounded by mountains, the tropical rainforest, rivers, animals and the local community. It was undoubtedly experiences like these that made him passionate about Ecuador, its nature and diverse cultures. After studying management in the bustling tourism sector of Quito, he worked in different tour agencies, started a small hostel project, and lived a few years in the Amazon where he was manager aboard a river cruise before running a hotel on the Pacific coast. The years he spent abroad taught him about different cultures, their preferences and the ways in which they worked; information that would become paramount in the development of his own travel agency upon his return to Ecuador. Needless to say, his extensive experience is a serious asset to Ecuador Emotions! He is member and creator of this team comprised of well-intentioned people, unconditionally determined to make known the beauty of Ecuador; a place that leaves its travelers with unforgettable experiences.


Sales Coordinator
Anais arrived in Ecuador in 2016 for a university internship with the goal of completing her degree in international business. She immediately fell in love with the charming culture and landscapes of the little piece of paradise that is Ecuador, and decided to stay long term. She has worked at Ecuador Emotions since her arrival three years ago and has traveled to almost all regions of the country. She has thus acquired a solid knowledge of Ecuadorian terrain and culture, but also of business/customer relationships thanks to her university education. Her ability to adapt, along with her strong sense of responsibility and shared personal values, make her an indispensable member of the Ecuador Emotions team.


Karen is a native quiteña, but completed her last years of high school in Belgium with a concentration in tourism and hospitality. It was this experience that inspired her to pursue a degree in hotel and tourism administration. Karen is passionate about history, culture, art and cuisine. She has even taken culinary courses! She has had the privilege of working in operations and sales at various francophone tour companies since 2007. Her work experience has taken her to all parts of Ecuador and, in the process, made her passionate about creating unique and beautiful travel experiences for others! Karen enjoys sharing her love for Ecuador, its cultural and natural wonders, the diverse cuisine and magical encounters. Count on her to plan the vacation of your dreams.


French on her mother’s side and Ecuadorian on her father’s, Mathilde decided to rediscover her indigenous roots after finishing her studies in art history at l’Ecole du Louvre in Paris. A globe-trotter at heart, she traveled to many Latin American countries before settling down in the land of her forbearers. It was here where she spent three years studying her true passion: natural medicine. Talented and resourceful, Mathilde is also an artisan, piano player and dancer. And luckily for us, she became a part of the Ecuador Emotions team toward the end of 2018 to learn a new trade no less passionately. Carrying a strong, dual culture advantage, Mathilde enjoys sharing her love for her Latin American home with those of her European home, and seeks to put this small, yet culturally multifaceted country on the map. She strives to make known the beauty and diversity of Ecuador when helping her clients plan the adventure of a lifetime.


A lover of language, Katie holds a bachelor’s degree in comparative literature and has come to serve as a crucial asset to our multilingual team! Born and raised in Juneau, Alaska, Katie got the travel bug young and has since lived in many different countries; one of them currently being Ecuador! She fell in love with this little piece of paradise after a semester abroad and decided to move back after graduating from college. With its diverse terrain and beautiful landscapes, Ecuador reminds her of home in Alaska where there is also infinite opportunity for exploring. Katie has ample experience working in various sectors of the tourism industry in Alaska where she learned the essentials in customer service and operations management. Now in Quito, she takes pleasure in being part of the Ecuador Emotions team and organizing tailor-made tours in her new home for her fellow travelers.


Cinthya was born in Guayaquil, also known as the “Pearl of the Pacific,” and lived in Italy for 12 years with her family before returning to Ecuador. Upon her return, she decided to turn her love for her home country into a career and dedicate her university studies to tourism and hospitality. Her passion for making known the wonders of Ecuador, responsible, organized nature and attention to detail make her an indispensable asset to the team at Ecuador Emotions. When she’s not bringing fellow travelers to Ecuador’s four worlds, she enjoys spending quality time with family and exploring Quito’s public parks with her dogs. Since her father gifted her a professional camera, she’s taken to photography as a hobby and loves capturing unforgettable moments and making them lasting memories. When traveling she loves to discover cultures through traditional foods and local flavors and dreams of going on a proper food tour in the near future!


Operations/Accounting Assistant
Accomplished and professional, with a degree in business and tourism administration, Sandy started her career at a German tour operator in Quito. There, she spent nine years demonstrating unyielding investment and dedication in all areas of accounting. Sandy is a responsible, organized, animal and nature-loving soul. She loves to travel and has been to all regions of Ecuador. Thanks to both her personal and professional experiences, she is well-equipped to face new challenges and continue learning skills that will help in the development of tourism in Ecuador.


Ecuadorian having also lived abroad for many years, Mario has helped the vision of Ecuador Emotions come to be. He is a professional driver, passionate about the cross-country motorcycle trips that have led him to travel the country top to bottom, and to the most hidden and unimaginable corners of Ecuador. Thanks to his formal education and extensive geographic knowledge of the country, he has been able to share his passion with our guests and even with local guides who benefit from his expertise while tagging along with him on cross-country tours.


Marketing Specialist/Operations Assistant
Also a native Ecuadorian, Cristina is skilled in marketing and advertising and works in social security. Being Carlos’s wife of many years, she has explored the lesser known corners of Ecuador and shares the same passion and love for her home. It was this passion that motivated her to give her permanent and unconditional support to Ecuador Emotions, especially in the logistics department. Over the years, she has become a part-time team member, however, indispensable nonetheless for her motivation, love for her family, and because she believes wholeheartedly in this project and its honest and dedicated employees.
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