These are the lungs of the world that give us "AIR," an element that we could not live without.

The Amazon represents 45% of Ecuador's territory and has 15 protected areas and one World Natural Heritage site: "Sangay National Park." Thanks to the great diversity of wildlife that  comes from this region, of all the countries in the world, Ecuador is number five for its number of butterfly species, number four for species of birds, number three for amphibians and number two for endemic vertebrates. In addition, for having the most species of plants, ten indigenous nationalities with their own language and traditions, and many different ecosystems, the Amazon region has contributed to Ecuador being among the ten most biodiverse countries in the world and among the 17 most mega-biodiverse. It is not surprising then that the distinction of "South America's Leading Green Destination 2014" has been granted to Ecuador by the "World Travel Awards."

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