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The beauty of Ecuador´s enchanted Galapagos  Islands;  the diverse flora and fauna, on land as well as under water; the Andes´ multicolored landscapes surrounded by snow-capped volcanoes; the allure of its remote, under-visited beaches; the magnificence of life revealed in the rainforests, unspoiled rivers and rich biodiversity of the Amazon;  the unique cultural and architectural identity coming from the meeting of Inca and Colonial Spanish societies.  Ecuador´s designation as a Natural World Heritage site truly is well-justified. 

We are not talking about paradise, but almost! This is a magical country: Ecuador.  We would be pleased to show all of its treasures to our guests. They will always remember the natural beauty, the kind-hearted population, and, above all, the unforgettable feelings they will experience here.  It is for these reasons that Quito won the prize of “South America´s Leading Destination” during the 2013 World Travel Awards gala ceremony. This world-renowned event of world considered to be the ¨Tourism Oscars.¨


Quito was also listed in 2013 by National Geographic as one of the Best Trips, notably for its historic center, which is the best-preserved in Latin America.


According to Lonely Planet, Ecuador is one of the top 10 countries to visit in the world, especially for its gastronomy, its off-the-beaten-track hiking and its many tourist activities.


We are your first and best choice for receptive tourism in Ecuador. Thanks to our strategic and international alliances, we are also able to effectively carry out matched tours, particularly in Peru and Bolivia. You can count on us for any fixed or customized tours.

Our slogan:    “Our success will be yours”


Our logo incorporates both cultural and emotional concepts:

Cultural: Our logo contains the Axis Mundis, a García Museum piece,  found near  San Isidro on the Ecuadorian coast. This represents the center of the cosmos, the center of the world, and the tree of life with its four branches. According to archeological interpretation, it  represents the ceremonial center of “Loma la Cruz” from the Jama Coaque culture which existed between 500 BC and 1531 AD)

Axis Mundi - Ecuador Emotions - logo         Logo Ecuador Emotions - Agence de voyage

Emotional:  The familiar EKG diagram of the heart´s electrical activity integrated into the zero degree equatorial line represents the emotions and that our guests will feel when they are on the Equator and also when they are taking part in other exciting activities in the country. 

Now, we present our highly motivated and trustworthy team in charge of the Anglophone market.  They are here to attend to your clients´ every need.   

They all live in Ecuador, which allows them to be close to the tourists as well as to be a united work team. As high-level professionals, they are experienced in both receptive tourism and hostelry. That makes them a versatile and responsible team with demanding quality standards.


  • Customized programs
  • Fixed departures
  • Thematic tours (cultural, community, ornithological, nature lovers, adventure, mountain biking, horse-riding, SUV, white water rafting, trekking, trains, gastronomic, religious, health and well-being, dance lessons, Spanish lessons…)
  • Incentives
  • Matched tours with Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia




Ecuador ama la vida

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